Victoria’s Secret Wild Flower Fragrance Mist

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With the Victoria’s Secret Wild Flower Fragrance/ Body Mist all you get is a perfect soft fragrance and skin nourishment. It is a brilliant fragrance with a perfect mild aroma that is not overpowering for your senses. The bottle in which it is filled looks very beautiful. The 250ml capacity of the fragrance will last long. You can easily keep it in your bag and travel around the world smelling like a million bucks

Looks alone are not enough, good aroma also plays a vital role in making your overall charming personality. This fragrance mist offer fresh, clean, sweet, and calming aroma. This rich scent will make you feel good about everything and kickstart your day on a confident and energetic note.

Flirty and lush. A little wild. Trending botanical olfactive notes give a sexy twist to Spring. Notes: Lavender and musk Clear skies. White lace. Sexy glance. Limited edition 250 ml/8.4 fl. oz

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Wild Flower 🌺


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