Have you tried our vitamin  Oil Cleansing Method. Yes, dousing your face with oil, and no it does not make you break out.

This Oil Cleansing Method is like giving your skin a hug!

Throw out those ‘oil free’ cleansers, toss the moisturizers filled with a toxic ingredients that do nothing but cause skin imbalances.

Let me explain. . . Oil is a natural part of our skin’s structure, our body produces oil  in order to protect and nourish itself. It’s when oil production goes out of control – often as a result of imbalanced hormones – that skin issues arise. The key to balancing your skin’s oil production is to balance the hormones that drive oil production inside your body.

When you continually strip the natural oils from your face, your body tries to compensate by producing more, leading to break outs, and skin disorders. On the other hand, when you provide your body with nourishing oils, the over production does not occur.

Basically, ‘like’ dissolves ‘like’. So, cleansing with clean oil actually dissolves the bad oil on the face. It’s brilliant. And, it works.

Oil Cleansing Method

Traditional cultures across the world use oil to nourish the skin and scalp, and it’s why our body produces it on its own, no matter what we do to try and stop it.

There are several different approaches to oil cleansing method, depending on your skin type and needs. The overall method is the same, but the type of oils used differs from person to person based on the individuals skin. Below is a ‘basic’ method, along with a few variations that have worked well for me as well as my clients.

Just remember that you need a cleansing oil, and a nourishing oil and good a thing we have made it possible to have both in 1 bottle.

Basic Method

Supplies Needed

  • One larger washcloth, separate from makeup-remover washcloth
  • Warm water
  • HOEstyle Deep cleansing oil
  • HOEstyle Nourishing  Oil or Vitamins Oil

How To

wash cloth1. Soak your washcloth in warm water.





2. Blend the two oils,  generally use around 1Tbs. total oil each time.

  • Dry skin: mix little of our deep cleansing oil with more of our vitamins / nourishing oil. The drier your skin, the less cleansing oil you’ll use.
  •  Normal skin: mix one part cleansing oil with four to five parts of vitamins/nourishing oil.
  • Oily skin: mix one part cleansing oil with three parts vitamins/nourishing oil.



washing face with oil3. Pour oil into your cupped palm and apply oil to face. Massage the oil into your skin gently and slowly.





wipe oil off face4. Wring/squeeze out the warm washcloth so it is damp, not soaking. Apply over face and allow it to warm your skin for a few moments. Gently wipe the oil from your face with the washcloth.


5. If  your skin feels too tight or dry after the cleanse, moisturize with a tad of our vitamins oil and let face breathe.


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