HOEstyle Enlargement Kits

What is in the Pack?

HOEstyle Enlargement Kit actually comes in 2 sizes the mini and midi. The mini has 1 container of HOEstyle Butt Enhancement Supplement and a mini bottle of HOEstyle Enlargement Oil, while the midi comes with 1 big enlargement oil, 1 container of enhancement supplements, 1 botcho syrup and flat tummy tea.

HOEstyle Enlargement Oil: Is an oil made from natural extracts to enhance butts,boobs and penis sizes without involving knives and scissors. From proven fat depositing extracts.

Ingredients: Aguaje, Fenugreek, Fish oil, Black maca Dong Quai and Tribulus extracts.

Botcho Vitamins Syrup: Botcho is just a popular term used in the Ivory Coast of West Africa to refer to a woman’s huge badonkadonk. The term became popular due to the popularity of the Bobaraba (big bottom) dance.

Flat Tummy Tea: Is herbs proven and put together by a herbal Dr in Lome,Togo to help flush toxins and fat out of the tummy area.


Butt Enhancement Supplements: Are specially made by a Dr in Togo for big butts and hips. It Contains maca & other powerful natural butts enhancement ingredients. Its 1000mg dose makes it work 2x faster and more effective than other enlargement pills.
Composition/Ingredients: Aguaje, Wild Yam (Root), Fenugreek (Seed), Black Maca (Root),Motherwort (Aerial Parts) Dong quai extract(Root), Atlantic Kelp(Seaweed) and saw Palmetto (berry)…
Serving Size: 1 Capsule.
Caution: Do not use while pregnant or nursing, contact your physician before use if any health issues or on any medications.


There are many variations of Bôtchô enhancers out there, but these carefully made products were put together in the various (kits) packs by Olga Emmanuel after tests proved them safe and effective. They come in various sizes to suit finances, because not everyone might be able to afford the bigger size. The smaller packs are also advisable for those that would like to carry them around (HOEstyle Enlargement Travel Kit) .


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