Few Tips To Help You Dress For Success On A Tight Budget

It is true that what you wear and how you present yourself reflects your personality and creates a lasting impression on others. As a professional, this means you have to dress for success to show people you mean business. But, what if you don’t have so much money to buy the latest fashion pieces. How can you dress for success on a tight budget? Here are 5 easy tips that can help:

1. Keep it simple

It is important to remember that you do not need to have a quantity but rather quality. When starting out all you need is the basics. One or two pantsuits, a blazer, pants trousers/skirt, and an appropriate top you comfortable in are a great start.Be sure you buy neutral colors that you can mix and match.Buy quality over quantity and pair different outfits together, the clothing will last longer and hopefully, your colleagues will not notice you’ve worn the same blazer two to three days a week.

2. Take good care of your best clothes

The best way to look great without spending a lot of money is to keep key items like expensive blazers, dress pants, and your other favorite pieces in great condition. If you can keep your clothes looking fresh, you don’t need to spend money replacing them.

3. Accessorize

Never underestimate the power of jewelry and accessories. Accessories draw attention away from the simple outfits that you have and allow you to switch up your wardrobe for different events and functions. Your shoes, handbags, and jewelry (Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, watches, belt, brooches) can make or march your outfit. Always invest in quality jewelry and accessories that will last you a long time

4. Invest in well-made staples

A few high-quality items, like a blazer and a good pair of dress pants, may be all you need to get by.  Seventy percent of your wardrobe should consist of pieces that never go out of style. We’re talking classics that can be tucked into anything. The last thirty percent of your professional wardrobe can encompass some statement, but work appropriate jewelry, red pumps, or a trendy ruffled blouse. Invest in high-quality, timeless items when you have a little extra room in your budget, and you’ll always have something that’s professional and stylish.

5. Know when, and where to shop

It is good to know WHERE to shop and WHEN to shop. Instead of shopping whenever you get an itch to hit the mall, wait for annual or semi-annual sales. We share these via email marketing (newsletter) and even on our Instagram & website, so you can plan ahead and shop when you know you’ll get the best deal. There are also certain times of year that are better for shopping than others

    • End of the season sales (Online stores)


    • Black Friday (November)


    • January


    • After major holidays, like Christmas, Easter, New Year.


  • September (back to school)











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