5 Tips To Stay Stylish On A Tight Budget

We all love to look good all the time and who can we blame for spending so much money on fashion and beauty products? Many of these items are expensive and cannot be afforded by the average woman. We’ve got you covered. The truth is you don’t need to wear designer items though you can you won’t have to break a bank to look good. If you love fashion and style but are worried about overspending then these 5 tips are for you.  We’ll talk you through what you can do to stay fashionable on a limited budget, so follow them keenly to ensure you stand out without breaking the bank.

1. Shop with us during sales

So you’ve been eyeing this item online or at the local boutique. Well, sometimes it is best to wait until they have a sale before you purchase that item. You will save yourself a fortune and still purchase amazing fashion pieces. It is also great to target sale seasons, for instance, many brands and online stores carry out sales towards the end of the year or during special holidays. You can have this in mind and postpone your shopping until then.

2. Sell the clothes you don’t wear

Selling clothes you no longer wear can make your closet look better. It also allows you to obtain the funds to finance the new clothes you admire, which your pocket can’t yet manage. So out with the old and in with the new. You can sell your clothes online or to friends and family. Just take pictures of what you want to sell, put them upon your Whatsapp status or any other social platform and wait for people to patronize you. Ensure that the clothes are in good condition.

3. Buy wardrobe essentials

Every woman has her own unique taste in fashion yet there are some pieces that are common to all. Denim pants, black dresses, white shirts, and even blazers are important in every woman’s closet. These pieces can be styled in many ways and are readily available.

4. Shop at second-hand stores

The word second-hand doesn’t appeal to a lot of people but many women have found gems at these stores for low prices. Of course, the quality of second-hand pieces differs yet it helps you to save money and look stylish even on a tight budget. Which is why we don’t just bring in (import) only brand new products, we mix do both for those that can’t afford the brand new products.

5. Sew your clothes

    If you see an item in a store or online yet you don’t have enough money to purchase it you can actually get creative and recreate yours. Now we are not advising that you steal other people’s works yet if you can find a good tailor who can recreate those chic pieces totally go for it. Which is also why we decided to add prototypes and couture to the H.O.E style Brand.

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